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Paleontology "The Smithsonian’s 3D Printed Fossil Whales

Fossil Whales from Chile were 3D printed by the Smithsonian Institution, from

Museums "3D scanning with the Smithsonian's laser cowboys"

Article and video from engadget of 3D scanning at the Smithsonian Institution

Animals, Medical “3D-printed foot brings back duck's waddle”

Animals, Medical “3D-printed foot brings back duck's waddle”

Food 3D chocolate

Food meets art (or, art meets food) 3D chocolate by UK company  Choc Edge Ltd.

Art M.C. Escher turned 3D

Making 3D objects of M.C. Escher’s amazing 2D drawings of seemingly impossible 3D concepts (personally, I think they lose their magic when printed in 3D)

Art Shane Hope's artiistic creations

Shane Hope makes 3D printed collages; his recent New York exhibition called “Nano-Nonobjective-Oriented Ontographs and Qubit-Built Quilts”

Paleontology "Dinosaur Skeleton from Photos"

Photography 3D printing of a photograph

Not sure if its Photography?, but its really cool

The Future Nasa to send 3D printer into space

In 2014 Nasa is sending a 3D printer to the International Space Station